Why Broccoly®

We make creative, quality and ethical gift products that tell the story of Italy in a different way.

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Gift products about Italy with a social message

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Italia leggera

Gift products that show Italian culture

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Our values

  • Social Impact

    We believe that success without a positive social impact is meaningless

  • Cultural Diversity

    We believe that cultural diversity is a strength and not a weakness

  • Creativity

    We believe in the power of art as an expression of identity

Why we are a Società Benefit*

Broccoly is committed to multiple purposes of common benefit and operates responsibly and transparently toward people, communities and the environment. In addition, we allocate a percentage of each sale to tree planting.

*(In the US, Benefit Corporation). A Società Benefit is a company which combines the goal of profit with the purpose of creating a positive impact for society and the environment and which operates in a transparent, responsible and sustainable way.