Our ambition is to contribute to the promotion of a different and creative image of Italy that responds to current social changes and to the enhancement of the material and immaterial heritage expressed by the country.


  • We believe that success without a positive social impact is meaningless
  • We believe in doing business responsibly through a concrete commitment to generating a positive impact on the community, people and the environment
  • We believe that cultural diversity is a strength and not a weakness
  • We believe in the power of art as an expression of identity


Broccoly® is a lifestyle brand dedicated to those people who seek designer and ethical products about Italy.

Creative, original, quality products with social value.

We want to show Italy from another perspective. What perspective? That of those who are attentive to the social, cultural and environmental issues connected to Italy.

Why Broccoly®

Broccoly was born from the fusion between “Broccoli” and “Brooklyn”.

“Broccoli” is the mispronunciation of "Brooklyn", so pronounced by Italian migrants who arrived in the port of New York between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Italians were called "Broccoli", in a derogatory way.

Broccoly® wants to tell the beauty of Italy through the creativity and genius of Italians, Italians abroad and new Italians, i.e. migrants in Italy.