Angélica, a one-way flight Caracas-Milan

“In Venezuela I was a journalist, I liked telling stories about the 'invisible', that is, those who had a hard life to live. In the meantime, I studied languages ​​because I am passionate about cultures. This path brought me to Italy, definitively, in 2015. Now I am part of the more than 5 million foreigners who populate this country and who, little by little, are trying to make their way. One of the paths towards that road is Broccoly®, with which Ema and I hope to make the invisible visible and let you get inspire by a different Italy”.

Emanuele, an Italian curious about the world

“Before deciding to live in Italy I was a migrant, I got to know many foreign countries through study, work and tourism and I keep in my heart and mind the teachings of the people I met on my journey. I am married to Angy, a Venezuelan journalist and translator, and together we founded Broccoly® with the aim of describing an Italy that is changing, and of which migrants - be they Italians abroad or foreigners in Italy - are the present and the future"

Mariana, gentle creativity

“I am Mariana Carrera, born and raised in Mexico City. From an early age I developed creative skills and interests that led me to move to Italy and study Fashion Design, and then specialize in Graphic Design. I really enjoy creating the digital illustrations and designs that communicate and express the heart of the Broccoly® identity.”

Ayse, the future is in Italy

“I am Aysegul Parlar Camponeschi, a Textile Engineer born and raised in Istanbul.

Following my passion for fashion and business, I moved to Milan almost 10 years ago and completed my master's degree in marketing. Since then I have been helping small and medium brands to start and scale their projects in the fashion and textile industry as a product manager and I take care of the whole supply process from A to Z.

I love being involved in the execution process of creative ideas into reality; like turning beautiful digital illustrations of Broccoly into t-shirts, hoodies, and shoppers."

Gisele, the diversity of Mexico translated into photography

“I really like photography because I love observing... looking at people, landscapes, new places, everything that surrounds me. Sometimes I get lost looking at the colors of each sunset or watching how two strangers talk. I find my creativity in everyday life."

Milva, printing in Pavia with the heart in Argentina

“I'm Milva and for over 10 years I've been immersed in the beautiful world of graphics, prints and colours. Passion that has accompanied me since I was little. I love undertaking new motivating projects, seeing them take shape and color in every nuance."

Nama Studio, from Japan to Italy

Silvia, Rossella and Elvira are Studio Nama, boutique agency and certified Shopify Experts. They met in Japan, now they work in a "nomadic" mode between Italy, the UK, the Canary Islands and, indeed, Japan.

They believe in an inclusive market, where minorities and diversity can find space to grow and assert themselves. They therefore decided to dedicate at least half of the resources to female entrepreneurship and diversity, and to online shops with a strong cultural, ethical or sustainable character.