Gli immigrati in Italia sono anche imprenditori


The famous Made in Italy represents sectors of excellence that give us prestige in the world.

Well, these and other sectors of our economy are increasingly dynamic thanks to Made in Italy 2.0. Thanks to the work, capital and entrepreneurial risk of migrants.

In Italy 1 in 10 companies is led by people born outside Italy and who have chosen our country to realize their life project.

According to the latest available surveys conducted by the Leone Moressa Foundation on Infocamere data, in 2022 in Italy there were 761,255 entrepreneurs born abroad, equal to 10% of the total.

A constantly growing trend over the last ten years (+39.7%), and of a diametrically opposite sign compared to the constant decline of companies founded by Italian citizens born in Italy (-10.2%)

Migrants with the highest rate of entrepreneurship (number of entrepreneurs compared to the total number of the resident population) are:






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