I migranti e l'economia mondiale


“Migrating is a choice, not a necessity, but for many it is the only possible choice.” Antonio Guterres.

Migrants play a fundamental role in the world economy, which is often underestimated.


They promote commercial exchange

For European states on average a 10% increase in the migrant population generates a 3% increase in imports and a 1.5% increase in exports.


They start businesses and create jobs

To give just the example of Italy, migrants represent 10% of the total entrepreneurs. A constantly growing trend over the last ten years (+39.7%), and diametrically opposed to the constant decline of companies founded by Italian citizens born in Italy (-10.2%).


They can bring new ideas and technologies to the destination countries

Sergey Brin was born in Moscow and emigrated to the United States at the age of 6. Together with Larry Page he will invent Google. It is one of the many positive examples of value creation and new technologies by migrants.


They cover the labor demand of some sectors

Agriculture, construction, domestic assistance and transport are some of the sectors in which the labor supply provided by migrants is vital in many industrialized countries.


The economic conditions of the countries of origin improve

Migrants, with remittances, bring fundamental liquidity into the coffers of families of origin. Furthermore, often, while continuing to live and work outside their country, they invest in economic activities and, in the event of their return, bring enormous growth in skills.


They bring a positive impact on society

They help create a more diverse workforce and promote tolerance and inclusion.

Of course, it is also true that migrants can also represent a challenge for the local economy.

The process of regulating migratory flows and integration is crucial to balance the benefits and challenges of migration in order to create a positive impact for both migrants and destination countries.



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