Storia di Emanuele

Story of Emanuele

For my 14th birthday present my parents asked me: England this summer or the scooter all year round?

I chose England. That is, a study trip to learn English.

I had already developed a passion for comics - and reading in general - which I still retain. In my town there was a small but well-stocked comic book shop that provided me with the original English version of Marvel and DC comics.

I needed learning English to understand the dialogues of my favorite superheroes. This is how I came to  also understand its general importance.

So I chose to discover a distant place, England, instead of riding a scooter in nearby places.

From that English summer I began a journey to discover other cultures that has never stopped.

In High School - cell phones weren't that widespread and smartphones didn't exist - I started corresponding with some "pen friends" from other countries. I still keep the letters and remember the emotion of seeing that international envelope in the mailbox.

At University I was an active part of AIESEC, the International Association of Economics Students. I organized a trip to my little town, it was great to introduce the town to students from all over the world.

I had my first migrant experience in Bangkok, when for 3 months I worked as an intern at the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade.

Then Germany, England, Japan, Estonia, for study or work, and many other destinations for tourism.

And then there is Venezuela, the country of Angy (the short version of Angélica), which I classify in a separate category and which I now consider my second home.

“I learn, I learn, I learn”, was the motto of Kintaro Oe, the young Japanese protagonist of a manga, who rode around Japan on his bike, always looking for new jobs and experiences.

It's also my philosophy. Take advantage of the diversity of cultures that surrounds us, understand them to understand each other better.

Broccoly was born with this spirit.

My trip to Sarajevo and Angy's trip to New York gave rise to the idea of ​​facilitating the meeting of cultures through the story of a changing Italy that is inclusive and able to value the diversity of talent that has chosen it to realise its dreams.

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