Storia dietro l'illustrazione: Nessun essere umano è illegale


No human being is illegal. This illustration is intended as a tribute to the millions of Italians who emigrated from the Unification of Italy to today. As many as 14 million from 1875 to 1915 alone and over 15 million in the following 70 years.

The Dream Cities for our compatriots were New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia in the United States, Toronto in Canada, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Sao Paulo, Caracas in Latin America. Without forgetting the large and small cities of the Old Continent.

There are 6 million Italians abroad today, 10% of the population.

No human being is illegal. The Italians who were seeking their fortune at the beginning of the last century were not. The 120,000 Italians who continue to emigrate every year are not. Migrants who find their Dream Cities in Italy are not.

Italians were victims of racism, let's remember this. In the United States, for example, the press portrayed Italians as inept and born into crime. The newspaper reports carried titles like "An idyll of Italian scoundrels" or "The daily invasion of new immigrants directly from the slums of Europe". Not much different from today's Italian news: just replace "Italic" with "Asian" or " of Europe" with "of Africa".

Italians have been migrants, and still are. Just like the new Italians. No human being is illegal.

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