Storia dietro l'illustrazione: ogni raviolo qui è il benvenuto


Ravioli are the metaphor of the different cultures that coexist today in Italy, where there are other good "ravioli", in addition to the Italian ones.

Eating habits in Italy have in fact changed a lot in the last 30 years. Italians, traditionalists and custodians of one of the most popular cuisines in the world, have begun to open up to the culinary cultures of other countries.

Chinese ravioli, Turkish kebabs, Mexican tacos, sushi and Japanese tempura are dishes that have now entered the tastes of many Italians.

The kitchen shows an integration that in other areas of society we struggle to see, or even accept.

In Italy there are approximately 5.2 million foreign citizens, who constitute 8.7% of the resident population. Cultures, those of migrants in Italy, which bring positive influences to our cuisine, but above all to our society.

Italian cuisine, if you think about it, has had a similar impact on the cuisines of other countries.

Do you see? Food is a great force for integration and inclusion!

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