Storia dietro l'illustrazione: Pier Paolo Pasolini


Pasolini is a non-conformist character that we really like here at Broccoly. Surely you have already understood it ;)

His timeless ideas deserve to be passed down and for this reason we decided to represent him.

Already in the 1970s Pasolini spoke to us of a "civilization of consumption". He urges us to focus on the really important things.

How important is it really to see the latest episode of the current series compared to a chat with a friend?

When we talk to our parents on the phone, especially if we live far from them, are we really present during the phone call? Or are we thinking of something else?

We are voracious consumers: of time, of news, of objects, of people.

If everything is important nothing is important.

Have you ever taken an inventory of the superfluous and non-superfluous possessions in your life?


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