Storia dietro l'illustrazione: Pizza The Italian Melting Pot


"Melting Pot" literally means "mixture". But its meaning goes beyond it, it is an expression, for many considered a myth, which indicates the fusion of individuals of different origins, religions and cultures which leads to the construction of a common identity, thus promoting coexistence and harmony between different ethnic groups.

This concept was born to initially describe US society, made up of migrants, and where New York is the "Melting Pot" city par excellence.

Pizza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the best symbolic representation of the Italian Melting Pot.

Some historians believe that this ancient disk of dough, cooked and eaten with other ingredients on top, was already known in the times of the ancient Greeks.

And in modern times, pizza would not be what it is without an innovation that revolutionized it, a magical ingredient: the tomatoes that arrived from Peru in the 16th century.

Furthermore, pizza itself was an immigrant that accompanied Italians who fled poverty in the post-war period. It was thanks to those trips she made it to the great metropolises of the United States, such as Chicago and New York, that she later became famous throughout the world.

Today pizza is a heritage made with the hands of everyone and for everyone.

A pizza can be made with many different combinations, there are as many ingredients in it as there are cultures and nationalities in Italy today, and that is why it is the true symbol of the Melting Pot of this country.

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