Storia dietro l'illustrazione: The Italian Diet


In this story behind our illustration The Italian Diet we want to tell you about the picture of a changing Italy.

And it does so through food, an authentic expression of the Italian soul.

For many Italians it has become normal to eat pasta on weekdays and ramen on weekends. 

We see this with the skill in using Japanese chopsticks. Only ten years ago many of us felt clumsy when using them, today we do it normally, and who cares if we use them well or badly.

The cuisines of other countries, of other migrants, are making an impact on Italy's cuisine. 

What would be pizza without tomatoes imported from Mexico? Would tomato sauce taste the same without the basil imported from India? The saffron we love in risotto comes from Iran, the original name is Saffron.

We can not welcome the cuisines of other countries without the very people that make them possible. It would be a paradox, don't you agree?

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