Storia dietro l'illustrazione: The Real Italian Language


The Real Italian Language hides a universal message. Deep.

Think of an onion. Now think about the culture of a country you don't know.

They look very much alike. Why?

Because the culture of the country you don't know, just like an onion, is made up of layers, and the layers on the surface are of different colors than the deeper layers.

To get to know another culture you shouldn't focus on the first impression, because it can give a distorted image of a person and their culture.

Some psychologists believe that the gestures present in Italian culture are over 250 and characterize a true anthropological and sociological phenomenon typical of the communication of Italian native speakers, and of the new Italians living in our country.

It is truly true that in Italy gestures often count more than words. They represent one of the deepest layers of our culture. The inside of the onion.

Some scientific research from UCLA University demonstrates how gestures and tone of voice matter much more than the words used: what an interlocutor perceives depends 55% on the movements of the body and face, 38% on the volume and by the tone of voice and only 7% by words!

Furthermore, the body always reacts first to stimuli and therefore communicates before language.

It is therefore essential to learn to "read" gestures, it is the most useful way to get to know other cultures in depth. Only in this way will you finally understand the true meaning of the little hand 🤌 and save yourself a big gaffe 👌

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