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Craft notebook "No boats only people"

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This notebook is hand-bound with a decorative "Japanese" stitching and has an original illustration on the front. It is an artisanal product made by a "scappato di casa" (an Italian wordplay that combines nonconformists and foreigners), as defined by Parallelo, the social laboratory of creative artisans, with whom we collaborated to develop this product to remember that inside those inflatable boats there are not only the news numbers, but the people, lives, stories.

Parallelo and Broccoly® are located in the same Italian region, Lombardy, which helps reduce the carbon footprint.

  • Size: 20.5 x 14.5 cm (A5 portrait)
  • Green front page with the history of the illustration
  • Blank pages inside
  • Parallel description on the inside of the last page
  • Broccoly® description and info on the last page

• 40 sheets of 80g 100% recycled paper
• 300g cardboard cover
• Decorative-handmade stitching with red thread

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Craft notebook "No boats only people"
Craft notebook "No boats only people"

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